About us

We are an informal coalition of organisations and individuals unified in wanting to improve conversations between the health and care system and people seeking care, their families and communities.

Our aim is to enable people to thrive by feeling more motivated, confident and in control of managing their own health and care.

The health coaching coalition consists of more than 20 partners from all sectors and over 100 participants from a wide range of organisations who helped co-create these materials.

Our story

This work arose originally in the East of England. Health coaching training was:

  • First developed by Drs Newman and McDowell in NHS Suffolk funded by a Regional Innovation Fund.
  • Commissioned by Health Education East of England for roll out across the Region.
  • Selected onto the NHS Innovation Accelerator (NIA) Programme, a partnership between NHS England and the Academic Health Science Networks (AHSNs), hosted by UCLP.

The resources available were co-funded by the NIA Fellowship and Health Education England, and commissioned and edited by Dr Penny Newman, NIA Fellow. Dr Penny Newman's NIA Fellowship is supported by three AHSNs - the Innovation Agency (North West Coast), Eastern and Yorkshire and Humber.

We are grateful to everyone who has worked with us to grow the movement for better conversation, clinicians and leaders alike.

What is the NHS Innovation Accelerator Programme? Read about promoted innovations >

Note on language

All resources refer to coaches mainly as "clinicians", because our main audience is the NHS. Our first priority and experience was of training clinicians in health coaching. The term "clinician" in this context refers to nurses, doctors, allied health professionals, psychologists and other health care professionals who have been trained in a coaching approach.

Evidence is that the skills are equally effective when used by non-clinical coaches such as carers, social workers, health trainers and volunteers (see chapter 5 of resource guide). Similarly, although we wish to avoid language which suggests dependency, for clarity we use the term "patient" to refer to a person or "client" who is seeking care and support.

Founder and sponsor organisations

Health Education England (working across the East of England), The Performance Coach, NHS England, UCLP, The Innovation Agency, North West Coast Academic Health Science Network (AHSN), Eastern AHSN, Yorkshire and Humber Academic Health Science Network, The AHSN Network

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