What is health coaching?

Health coaching gives people the knowledge, skills and confidence to become more active in their care to maximize personal well-being and overall health.

Evidence shows that health coaching can improve health related behaviours including medication compliance, patient activation, reduce hospital use and help to manage long term conditions.

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"My conversations are different. I ask patients what their aims are. I used to say "this is what I'm going to do. " Now I'm a facilitator asking "what can you do?" and "how can you change it?" This has enabled me to get onto the clinical stuff much quicker."


"I feel that ideally all health care professionals should have access to this type of training."

General Practitioner

"People really go away and change the way they live from a very simple intervention."


"Those staff who have been trained up deliver better patient experience, better quality and better outcomes."

Hospital CEO

"Conversation doesn't just reshuffle the
cards. It creates new cards."

How talk can change our lives,
Theodore Zeldin

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