Sarah Frost, Project Manager, Person Partner Place, Big Life Group, Manchester

March 31, 2019

My role is to support the development of skills related to health coaching in the health and social care workforce in Manchester,

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Alison Kent, Rheumatology Specialist Nurse, Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust

December 17, 2018

My interest in health coaching derives from a need for more effective ways to change health behaviour. I also wanted to be able to train other healthcare professionals in how to have a better conversation with patients.

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Sue Phelan, Occupational Therapist and Kim Morseley, Psychologist, Hertfordshire Community NHS Trust

December 17, 2018

Having worked as a clinician for many years, this was the type of training that felt like it could make a difference to all members of the team and how we engage our patients in self-management. We have now trained over 350 staff within our Trust in health coaching. Following a recent survey of the staff trained, we know that the vast majority continue to use the techniques and employ the mind-set developed in the course.

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"Conversation doesn't just reshuffle the
cards. It creates new cards."

How talk can change our lives,
Theodore Zeldin

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