Jo Reid, Advanced Practitioner Physiotherapist, Cambridge and Peterborough NHS FT

Having strongly identified with the values and principles of health coaching i.e. to facilitate empowerment, choice, improved patient and staff experience, I was keen to dedicate some time to help staff access this way of working.

I have completed the ‘train the trainer’ course, helped deliver aspects of some two day courses and also facilitated learning in small groups of people who have attended the two day training.

Feedback from patients who I have coached and participants of an arthritis self-help group that I spoke to has been good. I have learnt more about myself and how I can best contribute to health coach related work. It has also helped to make me more resilient and less likely to burn out, and I feel that I have a more rewarding private and professional life. I am gradually learning the power (and liberation) associated with being less directive.

This has been a much appreciated source of learning about myself, my practice, service development and delivery possibilities. It is a subject that I have come to associate with considerable stimulation, reward and challenge.

Jo’s tips:

  • Remember how directive our professional training is
  • Don’t fill all the gaps - let silence ‘just be’ sometimes
  • Really listen and feedback to be sure that you have understood
  • Don’t presume that because you are a good practitioner, you are a natural coach
  • Be humble and respect different personalities, types, capabilities, opportunities and motivations (don’t assume it’s going to be easy to help give others time to think!)

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