Matt Simpson, Programme Manager, Blackpool Teaching Hospitals NHS FT

After attending one of the workshops I realised how important and effective this approach could be. It fitted with the work we were already doing around person centred care, and new care models.

On a personal level I found that health coaching combined a lot of elements that I was already interested in without knowing it fitted under a 'coaching' approach.

We have been successful in running a train the trainer programme and have since trained over 120 staff. The regional STP (Sustainable Transformation Partnership) is now interested in taking this approach forward across Lancashire and South Cumbria.

In order to deliver this, I engaged divisional board members to secure funding to run a train the trainer programme. We then trained six trainers to be able to cascade a two day programme to the wider workforce, running three sessions a month. We also work with the various services post training to help embed the approach. I would say that senior level buy-in, and clinical leads championing at a senior level has been extremely important to our success, plus regular engagement with service level staff, working in a collaborative way.

Personally I find this work very fulfilling, I feel more confident, and have a range of approaches to working with colleagues. The feedback that we get from staff and the change we see during the training are also very rewarding. There are many patient stories about the changes they have been able to make and also how empowered they feel.

Matt’s tips:

  • Get senior level and senior clinician buy-in
  • Make regular training programmes available to all staff
  • Continued engagement at service level, working in a collaborative way
  • Invest time post training to help embed best practice
  • Talk about it at any opportunity

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