Karen Ridealgh, an Occupational Therapist from Leeds and York Partnerships Foundation Trust

I became involved in health coaching because I felt that the principles fitted with my philosophy about working with people who have health difficulties. I have now co-delivered approximately eight two-day programmes in health coaching skills and worked to create interest and appetite in my immediate team for developing a health coaching approach to care. I am also an active participant in the Trust-wide health coaching steering group.

Following this training, I am much more aware of my focus in supporting people to come up with their own strategies rather than immediately providing suggestions. This is something that service users have stated they find beneficial. Staff who have completed the training have also reported feeling that they are supporting people in a more positive way. One of the service users that I work with stated that after many years in services, this is the first time she has felt truly listened to and understood.

Karen’s tips:

  • Remember it is about mindset not just a set of techniques
  • Your clinical skills and expertise are still valid
  • It will challenge your usual way of practising at times - this does not mean you are not good at your job
  • Strength in numbers - changing a mindset and creating a culture shift is easier when there are several of you, but it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do it alone - you will generate interest along the way
  • Ensure you have access to supervision

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